The Importance Of Septic Tank Cleaning

While it may not always be in the forefront of your mind, when you own a home it is important that you pay attention to a schedule when it comes to proper septic tank cleaning. Even if it is not necessary for you to know all of the working parts of a septic tank and the function from start to finish, the more that you learn about it, the easier it will be for you to understand how and when cleaning should be done. Not only that, but you will also remain more mindful when it comes to anything and everything that you could be putting down into your septic system on a daily basis.

Believe it or not, a properly functioning septic tank begins with you, the owner. You decide what does or doesn’t go into your septic tank, and you also are the person who makes sure that it is going to get cleaned on time. There are some things that could go down the drain and into your septic tank that could cause damage over time. Certain items such as paper towels, baby wipes, cotton swabs, feminine hygiene products and even dental floss can end up in your septic tank and cause issues with the balance that your system needs.

There are delicate microbes that are found within any septic tank, which cannot break down matter that is not organic. Not only will your septic tank start to fill up faster because these items cannot be broken down properly, but they can also lead to a blockage in your pipes. When this happens, you could have a backup that will create a mess that is both unpleasant as well as costly. It is always good to talk with people living in your household about what can and cannot go down the drains.


The right septic tank company in Chicago IL will be able to come to your location and talk with you about your needs. Once they know what you have for a septic system, they can also work with you to come up with an automatic schedule for pumping, cleaning and overall maintenance. If this is something you are interested in, it can take a lot of the guesswork out of properly maintaining your septic system overall.

However, if you do not want to go with automatic pumping and cleaning, you can contact a septic tank company as you see fit to have them come out to your location to make sure that your system is in proper working order. Simply take the time to look around your local area so that you can find a septic tank maintenance company that has a great reputation and good pricing.

To make your life even easier, make sure that you choose a septic service that also offers 24-hour emergency services. Because you never know exactly when a septic emergency can come about, it will give you added peace of mind in knowing that you will have a professional service to call when you are in a bind.