Reasons why your Cat does not use its Litter Tray

If you own a cat and they do not use their litter tray when going to the toilet indoors it can be very frustrating. It is probably why most cats who are given to the cats home or other welfare centres are given up in the first place. If you dig deep enough, then you will find the reasoning behind your cats apparent bad manners and you should be able to coax them back into using their litter box.


The main reason that a cat does not use their litter box is that it is dirty and not cleaned regularly enough for their liking. Cats are naturally very clean animals and get very fussy when it come to the cleanliness of where they go to the toilet. Cats are so fussy that they mostly will not use the litter tray again unless it is cleaned out.

Constant cleaning can prove very time-consuming for the owner but then again so can cleaning the carpet after kitty has an accident. It is always a wise choice to try and keep up with your cat’s toilet habits.

Another problem may lie in the fact that your cat wants a bit of privacy when using the toilet. The privacy issue is easily solved by providing a litter tray with a lid (see them on the litter box furniture website) that is also very good for keeping in odours. If you find these unsightly then why not invest in some litter box furniture that will hide the litter tray away in something similar to a chest of drawers and no one will even realise it is there.

Cats are also very fussy when it comes to space and do not like to share a litter box with a fellow animal from the household. You may find that if you own two or three cats then you will need more than two or three litter trays so that they all feel they have enough space to use the toilet.